BASIS ID gives
1 million verifications
to entrepreneurs
from APAC

BASIS ID seeks to help entrepreneurs during hard times by committing 1 million free verifications to enterprises, that require identity check. BASIS ID aims to keep companies operating and safeguard from the risk of money laundering.

Why are we offering this?

At BASIS ID we help businesses from all across the world to onboard their clients quick and safe. We understand how hard COVID-19 impacts the economy. The course to reducing any personal contact means that secure online interactions are as important as never before.

The free verifications offer is how we contribute to maintain trust over the internet and make it convenient.
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How to apply
Fill the application
Describe your company and the conditions you’re in.
Application review
BASIS ID will quickly review your application and make a decision.
Application approved
We will get in touch with you to plan the integration and further steps.
How it works
Who can apply?
Applications are accepted from those enterprises, which legal entity is registered in one of the APAC countries and who are required to perform the identity verification of their customers accordingly to the regulations.
Will BASIS ID give 1 million free verifications to one beneficiary or share them across multiple organisations?
Free verifications pool will be split between multiple organisations, in various proportions.
Which verification features are included into the offer?
BASIS ID offers its core features: identity document verification, biometric facial matching and liveness check.
How long will it take to get approved and start utilizing the service?
BASIS ID can be integrated through API or Widget. This allows to begin verification in a matter of days.
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