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Address Verification

BASIS ID is a simple, fast and powerful way
to verify address for over 190 countries daily.
Verify with confidence and clarity.

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What is address verification?

Address verification is a process, during which businesses and organisations make sure that their customers live where they claim to. It also ensures that address data is accurate and up to date.

When do you need address

According to many regulations you have to verify addresses of your clients. Alternatively it can be applied for high-risk individuals or as a part of Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) for PEPs.
Tracking fraud
If there’s a suspicious activity related to transactions of the individual and you believe that your customer is involved in money laundering, a verified address can help law enforcement to track this person. Knowing the location can help investigators to look for the clues.
You don’t want a customer’s typo to be the reason for a lost package, do you? Address verification service can provide live feedback to your customers on whether the address is correct or not. This is extremely useful for e-commerce websites and apps.

Why companies use BASIS ID
for address verification?

BASIS ID uses PoA (proof of address) method which is the most universal and available method of address verification. It occurs online and takes mere minutes.
BASIS ID ensures that address exists and all the data is accurate and up to date by verifying it against the data on PoA and postal API services.

As this method gives an opportunity to ask further details and assign appropriate risk scores – this is the most user-friendly method with the smallest drop-off rate.


How does it work?

Address Verification with BASIS ID is as simple as ABC
and only takes 5 steps.
End-user enters an address
BASIS ID system instantly checks if the address is valid and complete.
End-user uploads a PoA
It is usually a utility bill, a bank statement or governmental correspondence.
Documents get checked for validity
BASIS ID machine learning algorithms and special filters are used to identify invalid or photoshopped documents.
Data is matched to the user’s input
Using the OCR, the PoA data is read and compared to the input. The document is checked to be issued less than 3 months ago.
The address gets a final verification
Using multiple databases the address is checked for existence. Additionally, the algorithm determines whether the building is residential.
Once the address verification is completed
a customer can enjoy the full functionality of your service.

Some more product highlights

Prevent manual entry errors with high quality data extraction
Process data automatically within minutes
Spend less on recognition, processing and labour
Over 190 country datasets available across the globe
Centralised and secured data
No fires, break-ins or documents lost in the back vaults
Fraud prevention
Automatically recognise errors, duplicates and fraud

Benefit from fast, safe and accurate real-time address verification for your customers. Choose BASIS ID.

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