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Age Verification Solution

Forget about risk compliance nightmares! Verify age with confidence and clarity. Verify with BASIS ID


Comply with regulations by using cutting-edge technology

All age-restricted businesses are obliged to verify their customers for legal and moral reasons. If you operate such a company, you probably know how tight are the regulations. Simple age check popups are not enough anymore to conform due diligence and serve as age verification proof. 

So, how can the e-commerce sector sell adult-only products and services without facing legal repercussions?

This is where BASIS ID’s age verification KYC software comes into play. We turn the pain out of online age verification into a push-button solution. 

Customise our solution according to your needs

There are different ways to verify a customer’s age. Electronic identity verification, document verification or biometric-based method — choose the best suiting you approach according to your business needs and preferences. 

We have the adequate skills and expertise to satisfy all your demands and provide the easiest and the fastest solution to age verification. Just perform a quick OCR software run, compare results with existing databases —and voilà, done!

Our intelligent document verification technology can extract the date of birth from any government-issued identity document across 190 countries.

Add more layers of security with ongoing biometric authentication. This way, you can be more confident that minors are not using fake documents or their relative’s ID.

Age verification solution by BASIS ID can be integrated into a web-and-mobile-friendly widget or any website and app via API. It allows you to start verifying the same day you get it. Your clients go through the verification in an automated mode without taking any additional actions. You receive verification results in a convenient CRM system that provides ample opportunities for monitoring users during onboarding or check out. API facilitates data communication between systems, programs and devices.

Choose the solution that enhances customer experience

In the sectors where conversion rates are a key factor, maintaining a seamless user experience during age authentication is crucial. That’s why we have created a highly customisable solution specifically for your business tasks. 

Age verification solution by BASIS ID offers a frictionless verification process for your customers. It is efficient, quick, and easy-to-use.

With our robust age-verification system, legitimate buyers can seamlessly buy products without facing processing hiccups and clunky interface issues. It results in higher satisfaction rates, better conversion, and eventually, more revenue.

Our KYC & AML Solution is smartphone friendly, works with all major browsers and supports cross-device functionality.

With BASIS ID, you significantly enhance onboarding experience for any user from anywhere.

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