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BASIS ID helps your company stay fully compliant with local and international regulations without slowing up the identity verification process


Comply with regulations by using cutting-edge technology

All financial organisations are obliged to verify their potential investors in compliance with the highest AML/CFT standards. If you operate an investment fund or lending platform, then you know how tight are the regulations. Simple questionaries are not enough anymore to perform due diligence and serve as investor’s legitimacy proof. 

So, how can investment sectors verify their lenders without facing legal repercussions?

This is where BASIS ID’s identity verification software comes into play. We take the pain out of online investor authentication and turn it into a push-button solution. 

Use highly customisable solution and cost-effective approach

BASIS ID offers an automated and highly customisable solution designed specifically for your business initiatives. There is no need to invest in infrastructure, employee recruitment and training. These resources are already available with BASIS ID.

We have adequate skills and expertise to satisfy all your demands and provide the easiest and the fastest identity verification.

It involves full biometric identification, including biometric and liveness analysis, 3D face modelling for motion, rotation and blinking analysis, facial expressions analysis and comparison with the identity document, along with spoofing detection.

Don’t compromise customer experience and security!

BASIS ID shields your business from potential risks of investor frauds and noncompliance with local and global regulations. At the same time, we give accredited investors calmness and confidence that their data is safe and protected. BASIS ID’s solution is created to enhance the positive experience of both the company and its investors, which leads to a long-lasting relationship.

We provide flawless verification procedure without compromising the speed and quality of the process. Investors get verified in 3 easy steps; it is 100% online and takes mere minutes.

Our solution is smartphone friendly, works with all major browsers and supports cross-device functionality.

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Take control of your KYC compliance! Verify investors with confidence and clarity. Verify with BASIS ID

Verify with confidence and clarity
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