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KYC (Know Your

Verify identity easily, accurately and with absolute fraud protection. Verify with BASIS ID


Comply with regulations and enhance customer experience

Verifying customer identity efficiently while satisfying demands of AML and KYC regulators requires a lot of
work, expertise and precision. BASIS ID offers a solution that covers all these requirements. Our KYC & AML Solution involves full biometric identification. It consists of 500 video frames biometric and
liveness analysis, 3D face modelling for motion, rotation and blinking analysis, facial expressions analysis
and comparison with the identity document, along with spoofing detection.

We also offer a screening of customers against sanctions
lists, triggers for enhanced due diligence and risk scoring
based on 43000+ databases.

Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms
empowered with BASIS ID compliance team make it a lot
easier to comply with KYC requirements and enhance
customer experience.

Our solution is smartphone friendly, works with all major
browsers and supports cross-device functionality.

Balance levels of speed and security by using cutting-edge technology

KYC solution by BASIS ID can be integrated into a web-and-mobile friendly widget or any website and app via API. This allows you to start verifying the same day you get it. Your clients go through the verification in an automated mode without taking any additional actions. Verification results are received in a convenient CRM system that provides ample opportunities for monitoring users during onboarding. API facilitates data communication between systems, programs and devices.

Cut your KYC budget without compromising efficiency

We are confident that you can get more customers and do it faster and cheaper than you are doing this now.

For this reason, BASIS ID has created a highly customisable solution specifically for your business tasks.

We have the adequate skills and expertise to satisfy all your demands and provide the easiest and the fastest solution to KYC verification. No need to invest in infrastructure or employee recruitment and training. These resources are already available with BASIS ID. 

Our clients


BASIS ID is a simple, fast and powerful way to provide KYC verification

Verify with confidence and clarity
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