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Your new platform
for onboarding management

The most convenient personal data management tool.
Maximum data and transparent processes of KYC and AML.

Take a closer look at the user profile

All the information about the customer gathered in one place. Convenient data systematization and display. Results of all the verification features and powerful AML control.

Processing of the Identity Document

Transparent document’s OCR that supports hieroglyphic characters backed with Machine Learning structure validation and digital tampering detection.

Take a closer look at the biometric verification

BASIS ID makes biometric verification quick, convenient and incredibly accurate with our state-of-the-art technologies.

Address verification

Address verification allows confirming the residential address of a customer. Read more about the address verification.

Top AML screening data management tools

Receive a transparent access to the AML databases or utilize your own custom blacklists. Fine tune the filters and rule-sets to onboard more customers.

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