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BASIS ID verifies documents ultra fast, with 100%
accuracy and absolute fraud protection.

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Why do companies choose BASIS ID for document

When organisations need to ensure that their customers are who they claim to be – they call BASIS ID. BASIS ID provides a fast and secured way for verifying both government-issued identity documents and non-governmental forms.

Unique expertise and mighty coverage.

BASIS ID trains in-house developed computer vision models which can recognise if there is a valid document on the photo, its position and rotation, security features of the documents, data and portrait, which enables us to cover documents that are challenging to other KYC and AML providers.

A credible company with deep & diverse experience in KYC

Our bank-grade software verifies over 3000 government-issued documents from more than 190 countries. That’s millions of verified identities per year. Our company follows every regulatory obligation meaning strong reporting, corporate governance, licensing, and compliance with international laws such as GPDR, data localization laws, and FATF. Our internal processes are audited on a quarterly basis by EY and Deloitte.

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How does it work?

Document Verification with BASIS ID is easy and only takes 3 simple steps.
End-user uploads a file or takes photo of the document in real-time.
BASIS ID advanced algorithms process the image in parallel and extract the data.
Documents integrity and information is verified by BASIS ID and results are sent to the client via API.
BASIS ID knows, that most businesses and organisations are obliged to ensure documents sent by customers for verification are not expired or cancelled. BASIS ID solution certainly can do that.
BASIS ID tracks if the details are still valid and will send a notification in the case of expiry or other issues.

Some more product highlights

Reduced costs
Spend less on verification and
Streamlined business
Process data automatically within
Automated document routing
Simplify and organise your
KYC/AML and onboarding
Centralised and secured data
No fires, break-ins or
documents lost in the back
Error reduction
Prevent manual entry errors
with high quality data extraction
Fraud prevention
Automatically recognise errors,
duplicates and fraud

BASIS ID verifies:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Country of issue
  • Serial number
  • Date of issue/expiry
  • MRZ
  • Document type
  • Validity of document format/layout
  • Accuracy of MRZ/bar code
  • Authenticity of security features
  • Photoshop detection
  • Probability of Image/fonts manipulation
    and forgery

BASIS ID is proud to be different
from others:


BASIS ID service meets the requirements of ISO:27001, SOC2, GDPR


BASIS ID software solution verifies over 3000 government-issued documents from more than 190 countries


Convenient integration methods, flexible architecture and ability to enhance any existing onboarding flow.

Still hesitating in choosing document verification by BASIS ID?
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