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Selfie Verification

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What is facial verification?

Biometric facial features verification via a Selfie is a method of real-time biometric identification aimed to verify the identity of a person through the facial biometric pattern and data. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms by BASIS ID is the fastest way of verification that can be operated with the top reliability and compliance standards. Biometric facial verification is one of the best approaches to protect your business from risks of identity fraud and underage access.

Use cases

Online Banking
Validate logging-in and high-risk transactions using biometric sign-in
Customer Onboarding
Smooth onboarding process and best customer conversion rate
Hotel Self Check-ins
Provide fast and safe check-in experience
Check the current age of the person that creates an account or makes an online purchase
KYC and AML Compliance
Comply with regional and international AML and KYC mandates
Security Screening
Verify passengers in airport, train station or at any other entrance point
Fraud Prevention
Detect and prevent fraud cases with ongoing biometric authentication
E-learning/Sharing platforms
Make social, sharing and e-learning platforms more trustworthy for the users

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Why do companies choose BASIS ID solution for biometric verification?

A human face has a set of particular elements which can be tracked and compared to the photo image of the person from their identity document.

BASIS ID has developed an advanced facial recognition system that links all of the elements and eliminates the possibility of an error. It is the company’s know-how and proud intellectual property.

BASIS ID’s facial recognition solution performs 3D liveness detection and recognises spoofing. It uses many different and somewhat unique fake detection photo-filters, including error level analysis, “copy-move” detection, luminance gradient test, glare and blur detection etc. AI and machine learning algorithms do facial expressions analysis and comparison with the personal identity document.

That’s why BASIS ID has one of the best conversion rates on the market.

How does it work?

Biometric Verification with BASIS ID is easy as ABC and takes only 3 simple steps.
End-user uploads a photo of their identity document and takes a Selfie in real-time. BASIS ID receives and stores the images.
BASIS ID software extracts the portrait from the identity document and builds 3D map of the face both for Selfie and ID-portrait. based on the Selfie which is automatically compared to the photo on the ID.
3D face maps are compared for matching by BASIS ID software. Borderline cases are additionally reviewed by the compliance officers.This way the chances of fraud and forgery are reduced to zero.

Product highlights

Reduced costs
Spend less on verification and processing
Accelerated business processes
Process data automatically within seconds
Automated document routing
Simplify your KYC/AML and onboarding architecture
Synergy combo
Ensure accuracy by combing human competence and AI powers
Fraud detection and prevention
Recognise 100% of synthetic identities and spoofing

Easy access anytime from anywhere

A client only needs a computer with a webcam or a smartphone and Internet connection

  • supports all major browsers
  • smartphone friendly
  • cross-device functionality

Highest security standards

All client data is encrypted and stored
in accordance with regulatory requirements

  • improved user data management
  • higher conversion rates
  • 0% fraud tolerance

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