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KYC and AML in real time


Easy-flowing real-time identity verification widget your business has always required.
If you are looking for the best instant digital identity verification solution… look no further.


”BASIS ID presents a new absolutely configurable web-and-mobile friendly widget that can be embedded onto your platform with just a few lines of HTML code. Integrating Entr allows your company to verify and onboard new users faster, cheaper and more secure than ever. We really have done our best to make it all perfect”

akim Akim Arhipov

the executive director of BASIS ID

What is so special about BASIS ID Entr?

Entr is made to streamline your user verification processes while keeping them 100% secure and fully compliant with regulations. It is absolutely frictionless and unbelievably user-friendly, and results are issued in real-time. We take care of preventing fraud, enhancing customer experience and meeting regulatory demands so that you could finally focus on your core competency and business development.

Implementing Entr gives your company access to the following features:


ID documents

Entr verifies over 3000 government-issued documents from more than 190 countries in real time


AML and PEP check

Entr combines PEP, OFAC, AML, Sanction and Adverse media screening across 230 countries and 42842 databases


Optical Character

Entr recognises Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, all existing hieroglyphs, any types of fonts, “special signs” and character graphics


Biometric identification

Entr performs biometric and liveness analysis of 50 video frames for 3D face modelling with motion, rotation and blinking analysis


Selfie Video Verification

Entr provides flawless verification of a selfie video that includes liveness check, spoofing detection and biometric comparison with the personal identity document

Our absolute advantage is the unique liveness check that we use in our solution. Its BASIS ID’s proud intellectual property.

We designed it.
We brought it to perfection.
We own it. We want to share it with You.

Move your head left and right
Move your head around
Nod your head

The variability of movement is a new unique feature that will enhance legit users’ experience and keep bad actors at bay.

Right now, every other verification provider offers only one option of liveness check: most often, turning head to the left - then to the right. Entr has three options out of the box: moving head left-right; moving head around and nodding up and down. Whatever you choose - Entr provides outstanding accuracy and the fastest user journey.

Just one simple nod can ensure that the person is alive and not someone holding a static picture. You can be one of the first to learn about this unique widget feature and experience its benefits by signing up for the BASIS ID Entr free demo trial today.

That's not all…

There is MORE room for customisation if you wish it. You can literally redesign everything in this widget to create the flow that suits your business needs best.

You can choose different movements for the Liveness check, customise the design and text to make the onboarding work in a unique yet the most effective way specifically for you.

Entr is flexible and entirely driven by our clients. This is the reason they appreciate us and choose BASIS ID for the digital identity verification.


BASIS ID Entr is more than just identity verification. It is verification magic wand adjusted to your business needs.

adv-1 Use prepared
adv-2 Add your
adv-3 Combine your
own outfit

How does it work?

BASIS ID Entr merges AI, OCR, machine learning algorithms and robust liveness analysis technology to automatically extract necessary data from the id document, compare it with the real-time image received from the user and instantly validate their digital identity.


End-users show themselves to the camera, moving their head according to the chosen liveness check method


BASIS ID checks structural integrity, detects digital tampering and confirms the validity of ID


Document OCR automatically fills customer profile with data


BASIS ID provides definitive verification results, the entire process is recorded as KYC compliance evidence

Once the digital identity verification is completed successfully, a customer can enjoy the full functionality of your service.
Full access in seconds.

Product highlights

Robust compliance programm

BASIS ID service meets the requirements of ISO:27001, SOC2, GDPR

Highest security standarts

All client data is encrypted with asynchronous PGP algorithm and is stored in accordance with regulatory requirements such as data localisation

Workflow customization

Possibility to customise different movement sets for the Liveness check, widget design, text and language

Global coverage

Solution verifies over 3000 government-issued documents from more than 190 countries

  • improved management
    of user data
  • higher conversion rates
  • 0% fraud tolerance
  • supports all major browsers
  • smartphone friendly
  • cross-device

Easy-flowing real-time identity verification widget your business has always required.

Benefit from fast, safe and accurate real-time identity verification for your customers with BASIS ID Entr.

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