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Optical Character
Recognition (ORC) Solution

Find the OCR solution that suits you best.


What is optical character

OCR is a system that provides full alphanumeric recognition of printed or handwritten characters by simply scanning the image. OCR software converts visuals of handwritten, typed, or printed text into machine-encoded text. Think of it as the process of turning analogue data into digital.
OCR deals with the problem of recognizing all kinds of different characters and provides a complete documents processing solution. It includes image categorization, image pre-processing, scanning and recognition capabilities.
ID cards
Driving licences
Advanced character recognition
Our OCR software can work with more than 190 countries. It recognises Latin and Cyrillic alphabets in different variations, and all existing hieroglyphs. Digitise any types of fonts, “special signs” and character graphics with ease and confidence in the results.
OCR Autofill solution
Our OCR Autofill solution is able to extract particular data and use it to autofill any further forms. It’s specifically handy for digital onboarding and ID verification. Integrate it via API or web-and-mobile-ready widget and eliminate the friction of inputting document names and numbers forever.
Patented self-learning AI
Train our OCR to recognise custom types of the documents and graphical characters. The training process takes less than one day and improves the results many times over. Due to the unique structural algorithm of AI and powerful servers the average time of new data learning is 1-2 hours only.
Image enhancement and fraud
Apart from recognition, our OCR can process and correct different digital distortions, artefacts, abnormal patterns etc. At the same time our robust anti-spoofing and “copy-move” algorithms ensure the software cannot be fooled by a photo or video image.

What are advantages of using optical
character recognition developed by

Advantages For Your Company

Reduced costs
Spend less on recognition and processing
Integration via API
Process data automatically within seconds
Accelerated processes
Streamline your onboarding
Secured data saving
No fires, break-ins or documents lost in the back vaults
Error reductions
Prevent manual entry errors with high quality data extraction
Fraud prevention
Automatically detect errors, duplicates and fraud.
Enjoy greater freedom to collect the information you need
with confidence in the results!

Advantages For Your Customers

No trips to the bank or post office! The process of verification can be carried out from anywhere and at any time.
Smooth Process
Automated data capture process is simple yet providing the high level of accuracy required.
Fast Approval
Elimination of manual data entry makes the verification process much faster and provides unique customer experience.

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