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BASIS ID Partnership Program

Unlock the Power of Partnership Today!

As we continue evolving in conjunction with the changing needs of a modern world, we are increasing rewards for those who are working together with us.


Partnership with BASIS ID is based on simple foundations we believe in: honesty, transparency and convenience


We do what we promise. We talk openly about the BASIS ID service and always try to find the best solution possible.


Our relationships with partners are open and transparent. No hidden fees or extra costs. Everything is in accordance with the signed agreement.


Interaction with BASIS ID should be convenient. Therefore, all the terms of the agreements are straightforward. The product is as simple as possible for the client, and the verification process is easy for users.

Akim Arhipov CEO at BASIS ID

We are the team you have been looking for. Finally, you can stop wasting time doing ”all the things yourself” and earn together with us.

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Any partnership, big or small, will work best when there is a shared goal.
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BASIS ID empowers their partners! We
earn and evolve together!

How it works
You submit the partner form and we get in touch with You
Together we discuss the action plan, possible markets and sales prospects, as well as outline the points of contact and responsibilities
We design the best deal to be proposed to the customers and a go-to-market strategy is developed
You go through an extensive workshop for partners where You get acquainted with the verification system in detail, receive handy collaterals to share with the prospects and complete a sales training if necessary
All right! Cooperation is set up and we are ready for successful partnership activity together in order to create the best onboarding and lifecycle journey for the customer

Throughout the whole time of cooperation, BASIS ID provides all the necessary sales and management support, reviews and analyses how the sales process is carried out and explores possible improvements.

We help with legal tasks and perform certain marketing activity in order to promote such partnership further and bring awareness to the local community.


For partners, BASIS ID is bringing value by providing a state-of-the-art service with great customer support. We care about our affiliates and do our best to live up to the expectations of the clients they sign.


By offering BASIS ID to their surrounding market, partners earn both their share of the earnings as well as trust in the community.

Our Partner Program encompasses a wide range of mutually beneficial partnerships with the following entities:

Legal Department Partners
coordinate company’s legislative work
Consulting Partners
provide the expertise, practical experience and advice
Business Development Agency
discover regional potential and develop cooperation between public sector, private sector and civil society
Development and Engineering Agency
provide expertise and fully managed services including flexible scaling options
Data and Information Vendors
collect and aggregate publicly available data and provide that to the market
Becoming a partner of
BASIS ID is both simple and profitable. Become our Partner and experience major benefits
Get to know our product
BASIS ID connects and integrates with leading organisations within the Client Lifecycle Management ecosystem to develop and deliver best-in-class solutions for our clients.
In return, we offer to partners a comprehensive package of benefits that will bring up to 15% of income from the whole client’s life cycle.
Some of theese benefits include:
  • Marketing Support & Strategies (including jointly branded collateral, digital marketing opportunities, thought leadership, events)
  • A Dedicated Partnership Channel Manager
  • Sales Collaboration
  • Shared Lead Generation & Nurturing
  • Deal Registration & Development

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