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BASIS ID – a KYC/AML workflow management platform

Customisable solution for legal compliance and fraud prevention, that allows to satisfy the requirements of the regulatory authorities, provide your compliance team with powerful tools and perform smooth customer onboarding.



The BASIS ID KYC & AML solution is a personal data management platform that performs the processing of the identity dataset and provides powerful personal data management tools.

Automatic KYC/AML verification

Automatic document and biometric verification let the customer gain access to the service faster.


CRM allows accessing the dataset and results of the processing at any given moment.

Conversion rate

Customer retention triggers and enchanced due diligence workflow allow onboarding more clients.

Fast integration

Web-and-mobile-friendly widget and API available.

Identity verification

  • Passport
  • Identity card
  • Driving license
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of income


  • 500 video frames biometric and liveness analysis
  • 3D face modelling for motion,
    rotation and blinking analysis
  • Facial expressions analysis
  • Comparison with the identity document


  • AML/OFAC/PEP/Sanction/Adverse media screening
  • 42800 databases
  • Ongoing screening
  • Risk scoring
  • Alerts and reporting system
  • Enhanced due diligence

Compliance by BASIS ID

Full compliance with the regulations of FATF, 5AMLD, GDPR, MAS, FINMA, CySEC, BSA, FCA and more.

AML / OFAC / PEP / Sanctions / Adverse media screening across 230 countries that combines to 42842 databases.

Compile and extract various datasheets for the ease of statistical analysis and regulatory reporting.

Application risk scoring, red flag notifications and screening criterea rulesets.

Don’t hesitate! We are here to help.

Powerful all-in-one instrument for risk & compliance managers.

Observe and control the process of the customer onboarding in real-time. Set the rules the system will follow, ask customers to digitally sign necessary documents, conduct enhanced due diligence and generate reports.
  • No more manual verification
  • No more scrutiny over the document’s
  • No more hassle with bitty solutions

Documents verification by BASIS ID

The document verification processing based on the machine learning algorythms is verifying more than 1500 documents across the world in the automatic mode.
BASIS ID verified more than 10.000.000 documents and counting!

Documents fake detection

is based on the analysis of:
  • Document’s structure
  • Security features, fonts
  • Neighbour pixel analysis
  • Average distance analysis
  • Copy-Move detection

OCR Engine

OCR by BASIS ID extracts the data directly from the image of the ID, utilizing:
  • Python image processing tools (BSD/MIT license)
  • Custom MRZ coding
  • Google TensorFlow models
  • Kaggle (for machine learning)
  • Google tesseract (for text validation)

Integrating the BASIS ID solution is as easy as it gets

Widget integration

Simply embed the contemporary widget with a friendly user interface and observe the verifications inside the convenient BASIS ID panel.

Integration via API

Collect the data, import and export the elements of the data and processing via API.

Great flexibility

Great flexibility and vast customization opportunities accomodate any business needs. BASIS ID can be integrated as a white label solution.

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