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Biometric Video Identity

BASIS ID – Video identity Verification for
businesses who value confidence.

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Are you looking for a more reliable and secure way to verify the identity of your end-users?

Stop the hunt, BASIS ID is here to provide you with the smartest way to verify identity. Say hello to a seamless online video verification solution that is fast, secure and completely compliant with regulations applicable to your business.

What is video identity verification?

Video identity verification is a process during which the customer’s biometric and document data is verified using a real-time video recording and machine learning algorithms.

Once verification is complete this method allows you to serve your customer without any further delay. It is the fastest and the most convenient way to verify new accounts during onboarding, passing AML and KYC compliance procedures, authenticating costumers and managing user profile recovery.

What is special about BASIS ID video identification solution?

BASIS ID uses facial recognition and the cutting edge technology to read, scan, compare IDs with
the uploaded video footage and return a report. Now you can be calm and confident that you will complete your due diligence accurately and without any issues.

BASIS ID’s video identity verification
involves a set of procedures which includes biometric and liveness analysis of 500 video frames, 3D face modelling with motion, rotation and blinking analysis, facial expressions recognition and comparison with the portrait of the identity document, as well as spoofing detection.



End-clients verify their identity by uploading copies of their identity document and passing automated liveness check.


End clients verify their identity by uploading copies of their identity document and passing video verification under supervision by BASIS ID compliance officer.

  • Banks and neobanks
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Trading platforms
  • Lending platforms
  • ICO platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • Gambling websites
  • Sharing platforms

How does it work?

Biometric video Identity Verification with BASIS ID is as easy as
it can be and takes only 4 steps.
End-users fill out a basic questionnaire and upload a copy of their identity document
BASIS ID checks the validity of the ID and the identity of the person
End-users record or upload a video of themselves, turning their head to both sides and showing their document to the camera
BASIS ID provides definitive verification results, the entire process is recorded and stored as KYC compliance evidence
Once the video identity verification is completed successfully, a customer can enjoy full functionality of your service

Product highlights

Easy access from anywhere

The client only needs a computer with a webcam or a smartphone and Internet connection

Highest security standarts

All client data is encrypted and stored in accordance with regulatory requirements

Streamline processing

Organically integrate biometric video verification into your existing architecture and receive results straight to your own CRM via API with Identity Verification Software

  • supports all major browsers
  • smartphone friendly
  • cross-device functionality
  • Improved user data management
  • higher conversion rates
  • 0% fraud tolerance

Benefit from fast, safe and accurate real-time video identity verification of your customers. Stay confident. Choose BASIS ID

Confidence starts here

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