What is the company’s most valuable asset? Some will suggest development or accumulated research. Others will say that it is definitely marketing and sales. Even a patent might get the top spot in the humble opinion of someone. In BASIS ID we believe the answer is employees who make up the workforce of the company.

Their efficiency and talent determine the pace and growth of an organisation they are working in. Each recruited person brings a different set of benefits to the table including knowledge, abilities, and experience. These are all invaluable and even somewhat transcendental assets for securing a successful future for the company.
We recognise the value of our employees and praise them accordingly.

Therefore, we invest in our people by providing them with the best training, development and working conditions that we can.

When employees feel valued, their sense of dignity and self-confidence increases. These are fundamentals for building loyalty, morale, and greater work efforts which, of course, lead to higher overall productivity and benefit any business in a long-run.

With this series of small interviews, we want to introduce you great people who make BASIS ID one of the best KYC & AML Software providers in the market, securing verification everywhere across the globe and guaranteeing smooth onboarding and positive experience to its clients and their costumers. And today it is our compliance guru and verification general Deniss in the scope of attention.

Deniss was born, grew up and continues living in Estonia, in a small cozy town with rich history called Narva. It is here where he gained excellent language skills while graduating from the local Language Lycée. Later these skills helped him to enter the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences (an educational institution in the Ministry of Internal Affairs), among other curious things he did in life. 

His main duty in the company is carrying the responsibility for BASIS ID compliance and verification teams as well as compliance with the conditions of GDPR and data storage. Thanks to his long term past experience in checking documents at the Estonian customs bureau Deniss brought many splendid ideas to BASIS ID that helped us to take the work with documents to a new level.

In plus, he is in charge of communication with our customers and solves their problems regarding digital onboarding. 

Deniss is a man of interesting and vast life experience, great colleague and proud father of three children. His upbeat attitude and friendliness help a lot our office to be alive and interactive.

Deniss Antipenkov
What appealed to you about working in BASIS ID?

I guess I have become a part of the BASIS ID team by virtue of certain skills, such as broad experience in working with various types of ID documents (verification of which is a big part of our work today) and the ability to talk to people with 100% positive mind set no matter what happens. I’ve worked for more than 11 years at the Estonian border and gained lots of experience both in documents’ verification and in communication.It is a perfect job for my skills and I really love it!

What do you like most about your job?

I certainly like the fact that BASIS ID is a people company, any proposal from employees will be taken into account and considered on its merits. Since BASIS ID is a relatively small company, every member’s opinion matters; we listen to each other, discuss issues together and push forward the boldest ideas for improving the workflow. Not only do we rejoice at our victories, but we also accept our bad experiences…together.
And that’s so cool!

What is one of the largest challenges in your job?

I confronted many tasks that were a bit different from my past work experience when I came to BASIS ID. I will not lie saying that every new day was a challenge for me in the beginning of my career in this company. Now that I understand perfectly my main tasks and know well my everyday routine – I constantly work on improving and developing my skills that let me grow into a bigger professional and better person. This is my main challenge today. 

What is your favourite work task and why?

I like all of them without picking any specials. Fortunately for me, even the most routine task as “writing emails and answering letters” – somehow turns into a creativity challenge. You must always understand that the person or company or team with whom you are dealing has its requirements, its vision and its needs. And I feel really happy when I can solve these needs!

How do you keep yourself disciplined and motivated?

Well, discipline was cultivated in me by my military past life. I understand the meaning of the word MUST and its importance in different company’s aspects. Sounds funny, but i continue being a soldier even working in the civil sector in the times of peace. I’m always ready to push forward and bring success to the company for any reasonable price. That’s also something about self-motivation.

Our CEO Akim likes to say, that if you work well, you need to rest well. Even though I feel very comfortable in my work processes – it is very important not to burn out and find a balance between doing the best job ever and “chilling the beats”. Sometimes you just need to disconnect from work completely. You have to give yourself a rest. 

What’s an interesting fact about you?

The most interesting fact at the moment is that I have 3 children: two awesome sons and an incredible daughter. This is probably one of my main achievements in life I’m very proud about and also the thing that motivates me a lot every single day.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I try to spend all my free time with my family and children. As I said, I’m a happy father of three children and we always find what to do together.

We do activities outdoors like camping and hiking or have fun getting together with bigger family circles like grandparents and relatives and their families; or just have a great time at home: cooking together, watching cartoons, playing board games and chatting. Besides, I’m trying to learn how to be a better gardener, so I’ve got lots of plants that I’m taking care of. Children like to help me with that as well.

As for hobbies – I’m very keen on european football, they call it soccer, right? I even used to play myself for a while for one Narva amateur club. Now, unfortunately, I don’t have much time for active sports, so I watch others doing it on tv. I try not to miss any major tournaments happening in our country and abroad.

Any book or movie recommendations?

Ohh, this is a good question indeed. I would like to advise everyone to read quite an unusual book…It is called The Book of Proverbs (“Proverbs of Solomon”) and relates to a pattern of life which lasted for more than a thousand years. It is a good example of the biblical wisdom literature, that raises questions of values, moral behaviour, the meaning of human life, and right conduct. It is a great book for people of all ages to study how to live moral, peaceful lives; there you will find descriptions of very important life principles, which will help you to cope with difficult life situations.

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