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With KYC from BASIS ID you get more users

BASIS ID automated on-boarding KYC increases the conversion rate by up to 17%.

190+ countries and all devices

The integration process is seamless. Worldwide KYC/AML checking is ready to go in 5 minutes.

We know what you need

Based on the legislation and our best practice experience we will come up with the optimal KYC UX process.

Full compliance

Infrastructure built in compliance with international AML standards, GDPR, MAS, HKMA, FINMA, FCA, SEC and FinCEN regulations and guidelines at its core.

Approved by largest Swiss banks and insurers

Cybersecurity insurance provided by MSIG

Regulatory knowledge base in partnership with PwC Switzerland


For businesses to get started quickly: features you need to start KYC/AML today


 Identity documents verification

 Biometrics and liveness check

 Fraud detection 

 Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy docs

 GDPR consent widget

Add ons:

blacklists & sanctions screening, ongoing monitoring, AML risk scoring, address validation and phone verification


For businesses, who need more then KYC/AML: risk and compliance management as a service


 Starter package and Add ons

 Full legal responsibility. Internationally.

 Dedicated compliance officer

 Support documentation for central banks

 Bulk uploading and verification

 Need customisation and development? Sure!

Included in Starter and Scale

 Don’t hire your own verification agents. Delegate to us!

 Data localization. We store customer data in the right jurisdictions

 CRM for your risk, compliance and customer support officers 

 Delegate user verification to us. Use our UI or API

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