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Know Your Customer and
Anti Money Laundering software
with good cost optimization for verification, capable of automatically verifying documents in Latin, Cyrillic, and Asian languages,
including Chinese and Japanese.

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🔥 NEW real-time KYC and AML solution

“Entr” is made to streamline your user verification processes while keeping them 100% secure and fully compliant with regulations. It is absolutely frictionless and unbelievably user-friendly.

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Easy-flowing real-time identity verification widget your business has always required.


The goal of the collaboration between BASIS ID and CS.Money is to prevent fraud by having a customer’s identity verified. Since certain payment services allow to delay the transfer of funds, or recall the money – fraudsters have additional instruments to manipulate the flow of funds. In such case, the Know Your Customer provides security by having the customer identified, which plays supporting role to proving the legitimacy of a trade.
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Sprout helps setting up companies in Singapore to local and foreign residents and legal entities. Often, checking a foreign legal entity on AML and sanctions compliance becomes a real challenge, as it is necessary to obtain complete data about the company and also UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owner). By automating this process and integrating the Know Your Customer with Singpass’s MyInfo, it was possible to speed up onboarding and provide the Sprout team with a powerful tool allowing to monitor onboarding.
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“After the demo of KYC solution by BASIS ID, there was no further need of building an in-house identity verification process. We’ve been impressed by the close-knit communication and support BASIS ID has shown. The level of professionalism and experience in Know Your Customer procedure will make BASIS ID our choice for the future development of Swag” comments Mari Tiidus, Head of Customer Support, Office and Sourcing Manager
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AM Holiday Travel has implemented the identity verification solution from BASIS ID based on a widget to solve their challenges. The company has not opted for the API. The Know Your Customer widget makes it as easy as possible to implement it on the necessary user registration pages and view the verification procedure results in the provided CRM system. CRM from BASIS ID has become one of the main onboarding tools for AM Holiday Travel.
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At the time of contacting BASIS ID, the company used the same verification sequence for clients worldwide. At the same time, the Anti Money Laundering solution requirements differ depending on the regulatory zone. Besides, onboarding can be supplemented with national electronic identification systems in some of the countries.
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Please answer a few questions and get a special offer for your business from BASIS ID


What industry is your business in?

  • Fintech
  • Crypto & NFT
  • Gambling
  • Banking
  • Mobility
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • HR & Recruiting
  • Consultancy
  • IT & Service Provider
  • Other

What KYC services are you looking for?

Document verification
Video verification (Liveness check / Biometric facial recognition)
Selfie verification (Biometric facial recognition)
Address verification
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
AML & Background screening (Anti money laundering, OFAC/PEP/Sanctions/Adverse media screening)
e-ID verification
E-mail verification
Secure cloud storage and data localisation
Custom Development

How do you currently perform AML & KYC?

Not yet there
Internal compliance team
Another KYC vendor

What is your company’s country of incorporation?


What regions do you expect users from?

North America

What number of verifications do you expect per month?

  • 1-150
  • 150-500
  • 500-1000
  • 1000-5000
  • 5000-10000
  • 10000+

What is the preferred method of integration?

  • API
  • Web widget
  • KYC by invitation
  • BASIS ID hosted verification page solution

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Custom solution for your industry

BASIS ID KYC & AML Software have use cases in various industries. The rich experience of working with many clients allows BASIS ID to have an excellent understanding and ready-made proposals, suitable specifically for your field of activity.

Financial Services & Crypto

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Investor Verification

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The AI-powered Know Your Customer Solution

Award winning KYC and AML Software designed by BASIS ID

  • Document proof and data extraction optical characters recognition (OCR)
  • Liveness check includes motion capture and deep fake detection designed by bankers and border guards
  • Biometric facial recognition
  • Address validation geolocation, existence of building, OCR
  • Configurable Sanctions & Watchlist Screening. Configurable PEP & Adverse Media Screening
  • Device and network analytics: fraud behaviour and multi-registration detection

Configurable Anti Money Laundering solution: Sanctions, PEP, Adverse Media & Watchlist Screening

Stay compliant with changing AML/CTF regulations, with comprehensive sanction list coverage monitored in real-time – 230 countries and 42820 sources.

Tailor your screening to your needs: configure your threshold settings, risk score (4 risk stages), matching and acceptance criteria.

  • Fuzzy Matching “Fuzzy matching» search capability allows you to- optimize for the reduction of false-positives or coverage in-line with your risk-based approach.
  • Structured Profiles Comprehensive profiles enhanced with the most up to date Adverse Media and information on Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
  • On-going monitoring Get updates and alerts by email or notifications in our dashboard.
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Benefits of working with us

FAQ about Know Your Customer Solution

Is there any cost associated with solution integration to our services?

The standard integration is free of charge.

What level of availability is guaranteed by your service?


Do you offer both web and mobile versions?

The integration with BASIS ID is available via API and/or web-and-mobile-friendly web-SDK.

Can you give us a sample price for 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 KYC cheeks for individuals?

Our offer provides the best value and quality of check for it’s price. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed offer once you share your use case with us.

Can you provide a free demo?

Yes, you can try our product for 7 days. You will have a dedicated account manager to help you throughout the process.

Do you as a KYC provider store our customer data? If so, in which country are these data stored?

By default we provide hosting and storage services included into the verification fee. We utilize cloud infrastructure solution for distributed data storage with PGP encryption of every bit.

What is the turnaround time of one KYC check?

For the fully automated check (data crossmatching, liveness check, biometric facial recognition) it will take a few seconds. For the EDD check (including AML and Address verification) it might take up to 10 minutes.


We chase your customers

We understand, that clients who slip away from verification is lost profits and investments. That’s why we return and catch up with users.

In an event of an unsuccessful verification attempt, we don’t reject the profile of the user, but rather send her or him a request to upload or amend necessary information.

  • Back on track The user doesn’t need to go through the whole process again
  • Increase loyalty We use SMS, email and retarget users in social networks based on your tone of voice and language
  • No extra costs You pay only for verification. No additional fees.
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Global coverage

BASIS ID performs the verification of IDs from more than 190 countries all over the globe. AML, OFAC, PEP, Sanctions, Adverse media screening is available across 230 countries or dependencies.

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Smart integration

Integrate BASIS ID with any website or app. Our product engineers will design verification together with you and provide personalised documentation.

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NetEase streamlines its services at Buff platform with seamless BASIS ID’s identity verification

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