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BASIS ID brand was built in effort to give companies a tool to speed up operational processes, provide ultimate security and to form trustworthy relationships through compliance with regulatory requirements.

BASIS ID: personal data is a personal value

Our goal is to make the whole online and offline infrastructure simple, effective and secure. Philosophy of BASIS ID is to treat data as a value.
And personal data — as a personal value.


BASIS ID KYC solution

BASIS ID KYC solution’s data management system with additional user data requesting functionality allows to increase the number of successfully verified customers by up to 17%, in comparison with other service providers.

Tested in Asian market

Tested in Asian market, BASIS ID was able to offer an advanced KYC solution with functions that are unavailable at other companies and provide service recognised by the whole community.

Who needs this

Identifying needs of companies, governments and end-users, BASIS ID seek to offer a balanced solution that gives capabilities for identification, verification and management of the most significant value of 21st century— personal data.

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In the press

From e-Estonia to e-Singapore

The story of the BASIS ID brand starts off in Estonia and Singapore where the most innovative companies and startups seek to offer the best service to the customers, with effectiveness and trust at the core. Nowadays, we are located in Estonia, Singapore, and Switzerland.


Trusted by the best

BASIS ID provides the most professional compliance advice to launch your financial product as quick as possible. We are a team of lawyers, bankers and hardcore developers trusted by the largest FinTech facilitators.

Cooperation is the key

In cooperation with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and FINMA, BASIS ID created a system for automated video interviewing in 2018. In addition, we keep the metadata of identities in a fragmented ledger to prove the interaction with the service even years past.


We are located

102 Towner Rd, Block 102, Singapore 327826

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